Here are some quick links to and information on how to subscribe to the Brian and Jill Show Podcast on various software.

Apple iTunes

Apple is the acknowledged king in terms of Podcasting and Music. They have it all, but sometimes that can make it a bit more complex to get to what you want. Fortunately we provide a nice easy link to get to the Brian and Jill Show page on iTunes. The iTunes software is available on BOTH Windows and Macintosh platforms.  As last checked, you can download a nice free Podcast application right from iTunes and the iTunes Store.

Microsoft Zune

Microsoft has a nice package on windows that works well for music and Podcasting. In some ways it’s simpler to use the iTunes but it has it limitations since iTunes has the largest of Podcasts in it’s directory. If you are on a Window based machine (including new phones) this is an excellent way to go. Click the big old button below for a quick link to the Podcast on Zune. If you do have the player installed it should ask you to subscribe. If you don’t it ‘should’ ask you to install it, give it a go, it’s free and pretty nice.


Stitcher Radio

Stitcher Radio is an  application for your iPhone (iPad, etc) or Andrioid devices that will stream (play) a variety of shows including the Brian and Jill Show!  You can use the Button below if you are on you portable device and that should help get you the application installed on your device.

RSS Feed

For you hard core techno-folks here is a link to the RSS Feed for the show podcast.  For those less savvy you would use this link if you want to manually subscribe to the Podcast. Many software packages ask for the ‘Feed URL’ for the Podcast, this is typically what you will need to use.


The URL for the Podcast feed –




Thanks to Colleen AF Venable for the cool RSS Icon as well as the Professor for doing some rework!